Pip & Posy: The New Friend by Axel Scheffler


Axel Scheffler is, of course, Mr Gruffalo and – in this new soft-cloth, cushioned book for very young children – he uses his distinct style of illustration to tell us a story about friendship.

Pip and Posy are two close friends who go on a trip to the sunny seaside. They have a fun time together but, when Posy has a nap, Pip makes another friend an leaves Posy out of their games. As you’d expect, Posy is quite upset. But this gentle little tale – with an obvious message to children of always include your friends in what you do – leads us quickly round to a lovely ending where, after some animal antics, Pip, Posy and their new friend all have lots of fun together.

If you’ve got a toddler, or young child, this book is perfect because the illustrations are bold, cute and the story is very straightforward.

Our fabulous Anthony Burt will be hosting the Childrens’ Imagination Lab at  the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019.  Each Tuesday over the summer, he’ll be highlighting a great book whose author/illustrator will be appearing at the festival. How exciting is that? Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!  You’ve already missed: Rebel Cats, Tooth Fairy in Training  Trapdoor MysteriesThe Pawed PiperThe Red Dread AND The Perfect Sofa AND The Mouse Who Wasn’t Scared. Oops!


Axel Scheffler
Axel Scheffler
Nosy Crow

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