Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin by Claire Barker & Teemu Juhani


Woohoo! It’s the second book in this wonderful series – full of giggles and mayhem! Diving into a new Picklewitch & Jack book is like putting on your favourite, snugly jumper – it’s warm, comfortable, brilliant fun and will bring a super lovely smile to your face.

Picklewitch and Jack are polar opposites. Jack is serious, studious and methodical whereas Picklewitch, well, she’s anything but. She also lives at the bottom of Jack’s garden! But it works so well, Claire Barker has put these two unlikely friends together and the result is the most brilliant pairing and the second installment in this great series.

Picklewitch is mischievous as ever when her cousin comes to stay. Who knew she had a cousin? Jack isn’t sure at first, but Archie Cuckoo soon becomes great friends with Jack – they get on famously. Archie even gets on well with Jack’s mum too.

This is going well… right? Picklewitch isn’t so sure.

With plenty of twists and turns a sinister plan unfolds… no spoilers here, but Picklewitch and Jack’s friendship and trust is put to the test in a race against time. As the plot gathers speed the pacing is just right for this age group. With a nice momentum which keeps those pages turning, and a few surprises, Picklewitch & Jack and the Cuckoo Cousin is just perfect.

What a superb follow up to book 1? Super excited to know that Book 3 will be out Autumn 2020!






Claire Barker
Teemu Juhani
Faber & Faber

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