Paws by Kate Foster, illustrated by Ayesha L Rubio


Life is changing for autistic eleven year-old, Alex. School is not his favourite place, however, determined to make friends before heading to high school he joins the school running team, chats to pupils on his favourite on-line game OrbsWorld, and has been training his beloved cockapoo, Kevin, so they can win a trophy at the upcoming PAWS dog show.

Mean boys Ryan and Jared only add to his anxiety as he finds aspects of school life challenging and upsetting. When a new family moves into Alex’s street, he finds himself spending more time with Derek and his dog Vinnie, both in school and at home. Helping each other, they enter their dogs into categories at the show, hoping to bring home some silverware. The big day has arrived – will they come home with a trophy? Making friends is hard but with a loving, supportive family behind him, will Alex find a proper friend, someone who accepts him for who he is?

Dive into this wonderful story of friendship and inclusion written by Kate Foster, an autistic writer. It’s a fantastic much-needed insight into autism and the daily challenges autistic people face as they go through life. It should be on every school’s bookshelf as it endorses the need for us all to be more accepting of the amazing diverse societies we live in.


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