Pass It On

Pass It OnPass It On, by the fabulous Sophy Henn, is a celebration of simple acts of kindness.

‘smile a smile and pass it on.’

Jump for joy, chuckle and smile to fill the world with your happiness.

Henn’s narrative encourages her little readers to look around if ‘fun and glee aren’t in their usual place.’ She shows them just what to do if they are feeling a little lonely, or a little glum, with a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Henn’s illustrations are equally vibrant and joyous, featuring all those things that make us happy – whizzing roller-coasters, bright balloons and splashing in puddles.

This is all about seeking happiness and sharing kindness.

Pass It On is a picture book with a joyful, uplifting soul.


Sophy Henn
Sophy Henn
Penguin Books

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