Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell

ottolineandtheyellowcatThis book for younger children may be over 10 years old now (already!), but Ottoline and the Yellow Cat is a fun, mischievous and uber-quirky little read.

Written in a gentle, tongue-in-cheek, accessible way (so children struggling to read will easily get into it), the story is about incredibly well-off Ottoline who lives in a huge apartment with her strange, hairy bog-creature from Norway, Mr Munroe.

Ottoline and Mr Munroe have been best friends ever since her parents bought him back from their travels (they are collectors of things and are always away travelling the world), and the support one another.

One morning, they come across a devilish plot to rob rich families in the area of their jewels. So Ottoline and Mr Munroe set about hunting down the culprit behind the burglaries – a furry feline with a nasty agenda, called Yellow Cat.

As you’d expect with Mr Riddell, the illustrations in this book are wonderful, painting the world of Ottoline in such an epic, Victorian-eque and darkly strange way. Even if you didn’t read the words, the illustrations tell the story beautifully too.

Suffice to say, without giving anything away, Ottoline and Mr Munroe uncover the Yellow Cat’s secret criminal empire and try to put a stop to her naughty ways.

A lovely, fun and deliciously weird little book!


Chris Riddell
Chris Riddell
Pan Macmillan

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