Only We Know

Only We Know

Only We Know by Simon Packham is a story about a girl with a secret.

The last time someone knew, Lauren’s life turned upside down and she and her family were forced to move away. Her parents never leave her alone and her sister seems to think that everything is all Lauren’s fault. At her new school, no one knows her secret and she is determined to keep it that way. She is even making new friends. But then the ‘presents’ begin to appear, just like last time. With a set of over-protecting parents, a familiar face from years ago, and a never forgiving sister, it seems history may be about to repeat itself.

“After all, I should know better than anyone that first appearances can be deceptive.”

I really liked this book as it keeps you guessing throughout. The storyline is different and unique; something you don’t always see, and one with a great meaning behind it. It is a book that I was unable to put down and one that I would definitely recommend for people similar to my age.


Simon Packham
Templar Publishing

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