One Button Benny & The Gigantic Catatstrophe by Alan Windram & Chloe Holwill-Hunte


Benny is a robot. Not only does he not like doing the washing up but he’s only allowed to press the big red button on his tummy – it’s for emergencies only. Doing the washing up is NOT an emergency. Benny finally washes all the pots and pans without pressing the button without a fuss.

It’s nearly time for the Cool Cat competition and he needs to get his cat, Sparky, all shiny if they’ve any chance of winning. Polishing his robot-cat, Benny is delighted with the results of his hard work – Sparky has never looked so clean!

However, that night, all the neighbourhood cats are kidnapped by aliens! Benny and his friends have a plan to rescue their beloved pets in time for the competition but he might need to press his button after all!

With a clang, bash and boom, can Benny save the day? Will the Cool Cat competition still go on?

Alan Windram’s sequel to the award-winning One Button Benny, will have young readers on the edge of their seats as they urge Benny on his latest adventure. This fabulous story is about friendship and of saving the day, one emergency button press, at a time. One Button Benny is brought to life by Chloe Holwill-Hunter’s fabulous illustrations, taking us on a fantastic colourful journey with Benny and his friends.


Alan Windram
Chloe Holwill-Hunte
Little Door Books

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