Nothing!When Mummy asks Lila what she’s doing, Lila replies with the (oh-so-familiar), “Nothing …”. In actual fact she is creating amazing adventures in imaginary worlds! Octopus wrestling, hula-hooping, ribbon twirling and boingy-bouncing are just the beginning! All this and much more, on her seemingly ordinary journey to meet Grandpa. Finally, she flies with birds through the sky, but can Grandpa see what she can see?

I love that Yasmeen Ismail’s picture book provides opportunities to delve right in with the child to that wonderful creative place. It enables the exploration of the relationship between adult, child and imagination.

Since reading Nothing! to my own mini reviewers, no scooter outing has been the same! Our youngest now whizzes along on her scooter calling, “Faster, my noble steed!” (She’s two!) This story truly opens up endless possibilities of the imagination, even amongst the youngest of listeners.

Vibrantly illustrated, Nothing! is a picture book filled with fun and bustling with movement and colour. After all, play pretending is always more fun, ‘… with a friend!’


Yasmeen Ismail
Yasmeen Ismail

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