Not My Fault by Cath Howe


Maya and Rose are sisters. They’ve hardly spoken ever since the accident that changed their lives forever. It wasn’t Rose’s fault but it doesn’t stop everyone thinking that it was – especially Maya. A school trip brings them together for a week, away from well-meaning parents but it’s not long before trouble is in the air and Maya takes her wild ways one step too far.

Leaving the safety of the school pack, Maya heads out to the Island without checking the times of the incoming tides, can Rose help get her back onto dry land or are they stuck in the cold, dark cave forever?

Cath Howe’s stunning tale is written from both sides as we follow the girls on their adventures with their school but also as a family trying to forget the past. Can they navigate through the storm of Maya’s anger at not being able to do the things she used to be able to do and Rose’s regret with memories from that fateful day constantly playing over in her mind? Deep down they both want to go back to how it was before but can they put everything aside to do that?

Not my Fault by Cath Howe is a fantastic tale of sibling rivalry. Not only does it delve into their relationship after an accident that changes their world forever but also lets the reader in to see how revenge and bitterness can change people. A fast-paced story of acceptance and family life that will have the reader willing them on as one trauma after another drives them further apart.


Cath Howe
Nosy Crow

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