Not Enough For Queen Fluff

Not Enough For Queen FluffNot Enough For Queen Fluff,  is a rhythmic, rhyming picture book about a particularly fancy, Queen Fluff. This queen has all the comforts one could ever need, yet she is lonely and bored and wants a change of scene.

She instructs the bunnies of Bunnyshire to prepare for her arrival. However, Queen Fluff makes demands that they simply cannot afford to meet …

“So, rather than rushing around to impress,

they try to deter her by making more mess…”

Queen Fluff’s horrified reactions to the filthy burrows are brilliant! In fact, when reading her dialogue, I can’t help but bellow, warble and bawl the most snooty and disgusted voice I can muster! (Which my two year old and four year old find hilarious!)

Despite her flaws, there is redemption for the snobby Queen. When she overhears the bunnies celebrating her leaving, her ears droop. She realises just how unpopular she’s made herself by being so uncaring and unthoughtful. Finally, she understands that she must make amends and the bunnies are thrilled with her lavish resolution.

The fun writing in Not Enough For Queen Fluff, combined with the gorgeously detailed illustrations by Catalina Echeverri, make this a real jewel of a picture book, to be read many times over. Be sure to look out for the cheeky frog on the final spread — it always makes us smile!


Rachel Lyon
Catalina Echeverri
Maverick Books

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