Noni The Pony

Noni The Pony

Noni The Pony is a beautiful picture book form Australian’s Children’s Laureate, Alison Lester.

Rhyming text on each page make Noni The Pony a perfect lullaby style picture book, especially as Noni is curled up in bed at the end.

It basically describes Noni the pony and what she likes to do, eat and play! The text touches on the scariness of darkness / thunder at bedtime …

“Noni the Pony is happy and bright,

but once in a while she gets spooked in the night.”

… but cuddles and a story soon put that right again.

Noni The Pony

Great, bright illustrations and just two lines of rhyme on each double page make this perfect for holding the attention of little ones before bedtime.


Alison Lester
Alison Lester
Beach Lane Books

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