Noble Conflict

Noble Conflict - Malorie BlackmanMalorie Blackman’s reputation as an author who ‘gets’ children’s literature is very well established. And for good reason.

Her writing is not afraid to delve deep, very deep, into powerful issues. Strong themes that will get her loyal audience thinking and questioning.

With issues of surveillance so prevalent in today’s society – who is listening and / or watching whom – Noble Conflict dives straight into the moral complexities of such a presence. Are these genuine safe guards to help us feel safe as a community, or is there much more at risk?

Kaspar Wilding is the protagonist of Noble Conflict. He lives in a city which prides itself on maintaining a peaceful existence, having survived a violent war which destroyed much of the world. Kaspar is desperate to join the Guardian Academy, the power house behind the peace. He totally believes in what they stand for. Or so he thinks.

As a member of the Guardian Academy, Kaspar fights for what they stand for … a few discoveries begin to shock his believes and force him to question everything he had taken for granted.

Blackman has created a character whom the reader is encouraged to champion from the outset, but in parallel to Kasper’s own experiences, Blackman forces her reader to stop, take stock and question the evidence.

Blackman swiftly delves into the ownership of history – how can we trust what we are told? Everyone has a viewpoint, a perspective, and sometimes a sinister reason for maintaining that perspective. 

With a heady mix of adrenalin filled action, pacy dialogue and an eclectic range of characters Noble Conflict is a powerful novel.


Malorie Blackman
Random House

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