Noah Could Never

noahcouldneverWoohoo! It’s the next installment of Noah’s adventures. Simon James Green‘s debut novel, Noah Can’t Even, had us giggling in all the right places. Such a joy to delve back in to the life of Noah once again.

Green takes us further in to the life of Noah – in this second novel we seem him struggling with confidence in both himself and those around him.

Little Fobbing is playing host to a group of French exchange students. Noah is paired with Eva, who is mysteriously independent – keep an eye on that one! But. The real bad luck for Noah, is that his boyfriend Harry is paired with the ‘mesmerising’ Pierre. Oh dear. Noah had already been feeling insecure about himself – joining a gym to improve his looks, and feeling totally at a loss as to how to navigate a gay relationship, pointedly reflecting on the fact that such information is not readily available. The presence of Pierre really stirs up trouble.

Meanwhile Noah’s home life is also getting more chaotic. Dad has moved back in, so has his step-brother Eric. Then there are requests to empty the shed, rumours of money troubles…

What Green does in Noah Could Never is effectively weave lots of lovely, intriguing plots together whilst Noah navigates life and growth in the way that only Noah can. He takes on quite the journey including a race against time as the plot thickens and the pace increases whilst the novel speeds towards its conclusion.

Picnics involving decadent red wine and cheese, bags of money, the wonderful character of Mick and a tandem bicycle all come to play in this second installment which doesn’t disappoint.



Simon James Green

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