Noah Can’t Even

Noah Can't Even - Simon James GreenNoah Can’t Even is the hilarious debut novel from YA writer Simon James Green. It’s a sensitive, yet giggle inducing coming-of-age tale with hints of Adrain Mole-esq quirkiness.

Green’s narrative delves straight into the mind of his hapless character, Noah Grimes – who does, by the way, have his very own Twitter account. It’s just him and mum at home, and my is she embarrassing – outgoing, loud, lively and very sociable – quite, urm, different to Noah, who just isn’t.

Noah is navigating life, school, friendships and getting himself caught up in a few random scrapes. That tea making incident had me in stitches. But it’s the friendships particular that’s causing Noah problems. Plus girls. And boys.

‘Was this was being a “normal” teenager was meant to be like? Empty. Frightened. Alone.”

Noah’s not quite sure which way to turn, literally. He needs to figure things out for himself, and he does so in a manner that’s very Noah. Definitely Noah.

This is a novel with heart, a great big Noah shaped heart although I’m sure he’d tut at that image. Noah Can’t Even is wonderfully paced, with a brilliantly unforgettable character.

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Simon James Green’s debut has been optioned for TV by Urban Myth Films. Can’t wait to see Noah make his TV debut!


Simon James Green

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