Nine Lives Newton by Alice McKinley


Well, here’s a gorgeously fun and lively picture book – what a fabulous debut this is from Alice McKinley.

Nine Lives Newton is a lovely comedy based around an unfortunate misunderstanding by Newton, an adorable dog, on the very first page.

Newton has just found out that he has nine lives. Hooray!

Oooo what can he do?

Answer: EVERYTHING, of course!

To the despair of a very wise cat (well, cats are always very wise!), Newton really gets out there, and performs all sort of tricky tasks. Just because he can. Or so he thinks. The poor cat really does try its best to prevent disaster – but it’s hard work holding Newton back.

McKinley’s illustrations are wonderfully rich in detail. Do make sure you allow time to pore over the different features on each page… you don’t want to miss anything… don’t be like Newton!!



Alice McKinley
Alice McKinley
Simon & Schuster

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