Night of the Party by Tracey Mathias

nightofthepartyNight of the Party by Tracey Mathias, published by Scholastic

When a secret threatens your very existence, how do you protect the ones you love?

With the loss of his sister Sophie preying heavily on his mind, Ash struggles to share his grief, preferring to keep it hidden to avoid dealing with the trauma of her death.

Zara knows what happened that night but she can’t tell a soul, not even the love of her life who just happens to be Sophie’s brother. If she reveals what she knows, she will be deported. Being an illegal in society is not for the faint-hearted.

With an election looming, Zara has to make an impossible decision. Is she willing to risk everything – her family, her boyfriend, her life in the only place she calls home – in order for Ash to learn the truth about that fateful night when their lives changed forever?

Tracey Mathias has created a poignant and relevant story of life in a world where some people, due to no fault of their own, are considered ‘illegal’.

The strength of the secret kept by Zara makes you hold your breath as each chapter uncovers more details of that terrible night. A courageous tale of uncertainty, the author has the magic ability of transporting you into their lives as they battle not only with the powers that be but also with their inner conflict as election day looms ever closer.

[Reviewer’s own copy – we love it that much!]


Tracey Mathias

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