National Simultaneous Storytime

Can we count you in?

Wednesday 22nd May 2013, at 11am AEDT is THE day.

National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS), is such a fabulously popular event, and is now in its 13th year. Wow!

The chosen book of the year is read and enjoyed up and down the country, in schools, homes, libraries and kinders

at the SAME time

on the SAME day.

How awesome is that?!

The chosen book for 2013 is Nick Bland’s totally enjoyable The Wrong Book.

Compare online prices for it right here, we love helping you get a GREAT deal.

The Wrong Book

Enjoy the frustrations of poor Nicholas as he is trying so hard to tell his story … but … keeps getting interrupted. Just what IS a boy to do when he is crowded by rats, pirates, a queen .. and well, countless other fun characters?

Take part in NSS 2013 by doing the following;


Register your participation here. It’s totally free of course, being run by the Australian Library and Information Association.


Find out more about the book, and the book app. Click the link to be taken to our online price comparison – to help you locate the best place to purchase your own copy. Has to be said, but this is SO the right book!


Check out this range of official posters, flyers, letterheads and banners which you can use to publicise your event.

NEXT? Well it’s time to let your imaginations fly. Here are a collection of activities, teacher notes and inspirational ideas to help you get started …

The ever reliable Little Big Book Club have compiled a fabulous collection of ideas, activities and teacher note’s which can be found here.

A very comprehensive guide, produced by Scholastic, can be found here. They include plenty of background information, a list of discussion points and suggested activities.

Make a Nicholas Ickle style top hat! Click here for some creative inspiration. You should also try the kids’ craft website, first pallette, which has an exciting range of fun and easy paper hats to make here.

Read My Book Corner’s interview with the author, Nick Bland, here. What questions would you ask him?

Utilise the dramatic appeal of The Wrong Book, by allowing the entire class to create their own play based version of the book. How much fun would that be?! Full details here.

The Book Chook has put together a lovely, varied list of learning activities here.

What will YOU be doing?

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