My Mum’s The Best

My Mum's The Best by Rosie Smith & Bruce WhatleyMy Mum’s The Best, from the formidable team of Bruce Whatley and Rosie Smith, is a simply delightful picture book aimed perfectly at the really young listeners.

Each page describes one thing that mum does best, ‘takes me to school’, ‘play ball’ with the most alluring illustrations from the animal world to accompanying each action.

Each animal pair is set against a plain backdrop, and given heaps of personality from the talented pen of Whatley. The mother fish, gently nudging her little off to school has to be one of my absolute favourites.

This delightful celebration of the mother & child relationship is gorgeous without being too schmaltzy, a beautiful book to introduce in the run up to Mother’s Day.

With short sentences on each page this fits into little attention spans perfectly. Throw in Bruce Whatley’s gorgeous images, and you have a book that is captivating as well as fun. This is perfect bedtime fodder!

Works beautifully with My Dad’s The Coolest.

My Mum’s The Best is a featured picture book on our list of the Best Books for Mother’s Day.


Rosie Smith
Bruce Whatley

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