My Mum Has X-Ray Vision


Love this picture book – how does mum know everything?! Well, it must be because she has x-ray vision?!?!

My Mum Has X-Ray Vision from Angela McAllister is a comical story all about Milo’s mum who, well, just seems to know everything that is going on – from jumping on the bed to sneaking saucepans in to the garden – mum always knows what Milo is up to! So Milo creates a Superhero Evidence Report and goes about trying to figure out exactly why mum is showing signs of being a super hero.

The superhero angle will certainly get many kids hooked, as well as encouraging them to reflect on ‘strange but true’ incidents in their own lives. The super hero reports are fantastic springboards for readers to use as a basis for creating their own superhero reports.

The bright and zany illustrations from Alex T. Smith add a great deal of humour and pace to this eye catching picture book. It will fit in perfectly for Mother’s Day too!

My Mum Has X-Ray Vision is a featured titled on our list of the Best Mother’s Day Books.


Angela McAllister
Alex T Smith

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