My Home Broome


Broome, home to the Yawuru people, is the subject of the talented Bronwyn Houston’s latest collaboration My Home Broome.

Delve into My Home Broome and discover more about this enticing Australian town.

Each double page takes a separate, glorious aspect of Broome … and tells the reader all about it. My Book Corner has learnt all about the pearl divers, the whales and the eclectic mix of so many cultures in Broome.

I loved learning about the traditional way of predicting the change of season and what it signifies – south-east winds mean it nearly time to start fishing for salmon!

I adore this book. The repetition on each page of a sentence beginning “I live in a place …” lends a poetic feel to My Home Broome.

“I live in a place where the sand is smooth and turtles nest on Cable Beach.”

The illustrations bring together an exciting, eclectic mix of styles and mediums reflecting what we are being taught about Broome itself. I love the attention to detail and that not a single inch of this book is wasted.

It’s hard, in our opinion, to make non-fiction books stand out, to present information in a way which is entertaining, thoughtful and really, really interesting. Magabala Books excels at this – take a look at the award-winning Our World as another example.

My Home Broome would be a great addition to many school libraries, to really showcase all the glorious things Broome has to offer.

The only warning to be issued with this book? It’ll give you itchy feet. Me? I’m off to pack my bag … Broome, here I come!!

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