My Daddies! by Gareth Peter & Garry Parsons


I loved this picture book so much – full of warmth, love and fabulous adventures. My Daddies! by Gareth Peter and Garry Parsons is guaranteed to make you smile.

“My daddies are amazing.

They’re funny, kind and smart.

And when they read me stories…

exciting journeys start…”

Well, you know I LOVE books about books. and this one begins by whisking us off on some fabulous book adventures, before jumping into the most important story of all – the little narrator’s very own adoption story.

Her daddies aren’t the best at everything (lovely, funny painting illustration from Garry Parsons at this point in the story!), but they fill the house with warmth and love, smiles and hugs.

My Daddies! shows little readers the most important ingredient in all families is… love!

Absolutely wonderful!



Gareth Peter
Garry Parsons

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