Monster Hunting – Monsters Bite Back by Ian Mark

Apprentice monster hunter, Jack, receives a distraught message from the Sisters of Perpetual Misery – they need his help and FAST! Ready for adventure with a dollop of chaos and mayhem thrown in, Jack makes his way to Muckle Abbey with his trusty ‘Monster Hunting for Beginners’ manual. What could possibly go wrong?
With time running out for the nuns, Jack, along with his friend Nancy have a monster of a fight on their hands if they’re to succeed in ridding the nuns’ home from pesky Lubbers who’ve decided to overstay their welcome. With Noggles, Collywobbles and a Boneless or two to get in their way, Jack has to trust his manual and everything he has learned about monster hunting, if they’re to save the abbey and quite possibly avoid THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!
Ian Mark’s follow up to ‘Monster Hunting for Beginners’ is a magnificent laugh-out-loud story of friendship and fun. Every page turn reveals another obstacle for Jack, Nancy and 200 year-old monster hunter, Stoop, to get over. A wonderful book that will make you smile and laugh as you urge the gang of intrepid monster hunters onwards to victory!

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