Monster Hood

Monster in the HoodMonster in the Hood, is a fantastically effective picture book, with a ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’, theme.

Sammy Squirrel, Henri hedgehog and Marvin Mouse are not the sweet little characters that their alliterative names might suggest. Oh no, they are three feisty characters seeking the monster in the hood, who everyone else is running away from.

The orange eyed, shaggy handed, scary mouthed, grumbly, rumbly, monster in the hood, frightens the rats, the bats and the cats, yet the ‘intrepid trio’ are unfazed. When they finally meet the monster, they maintain their braveness and give him the one thing he doesn’t have. But, then the monster wants something else. Were the intrepid trio too intrepid? The final spread reveals all (and may leave you feeling peckish!) …

Steve Antony, has again, produced amazingly original art work. The gorgeous palette makes the monster’s orange eye (and his hoody!) almost pop out of the pages. The repeated, ‘Come out, come out, wherever you are! You won’t scare us!’ is a great join-in phrase for young children to anticipate.

Another fantastic, stand out from the crowd, picture book from Steve Antony.


Steve Antony
Steve Antony
Oxford University Press

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