Mitch Vanes’ Three Scary Secrets

Mitch VaneA Book About Scary caught our attention immediately. A delightful romp through the alphabet focusing on all those not so little things that kids can find frightening.

Danny Katz’s well known sense of humour makes light work of wonky knee caps and pesky clowns. Whilst the illustrations of Mitch Vane adds plenty of chuckles to each page.

So in light of this, we asked Mitch Vane to divulge to My Book Corner three scary secrets of her own …

Keep reading for an extra special treat from Mitch Vane at the end of her interview.

PS I’d love to know what you find scary – add your top three below.

1.  I drink ink (and biscuit crumbs).

I like to have a cup of tea while I am working. (I drink A LOT of tea!). When I am drawing with a dip pen and drawing ink, splotches of ink always wind up floating in my cup, along with the crumbs from the biscuits that I dunk. It doesn’t taste too bad.

2. I was a sale of the century.

I was once in the gift shop segment of Sale of the Century. No I wasn’t the gift! The prize was a beautiful set of pastels and I was pretending to draw a picture from my new book with them.

3. I am VERY scared of cockroaches.

They are hard and black and sneaky. I always scream when I find one hidden under a pile of papers in my studio. Danny has to remove it in a cup before I can continue working. Ugggh. Just thinking about them freaks me out (and I definitely can’t DRAW one!)


Mitch Vane has worked as a freelance illustrator for over twenty years. She describes her work as wonky and messy and loves to work with a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, watercolours, and dip pen and indian ink. She has illustrated children’s books both in Australia and the U.S and her art was featured in 2007’s series of Zodiac stamps for Australia Post. She often collaborates with Danny Katz, together they have created the Little Lunch series , A Little Election, No Thanks Hanks, and their latest venture, A Book About Scary.

And that special treat?

Click here, to download this truly great colouring page direct from Mitch Vane. Enjoy!

Mitch’s website is well worth a look too, just click here.

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