Meet Matilda Rocket Builder by Dom Conlon & illus Heidi Cannon


5… 4… 3… 2… 1

BLAST OFF! Welcome to the world of Matilda Musk, not only is she going to the moon, she’s going to build the rocket to get her there too!

What if you could fly to the moon and step onto its surface like the crew of the Apollo 11 back in 1969? Matilda is going to do all of this AND MORE.

Preparing for a trip into space isn’t easy. There’s a mile long list of essential items to take and a gazillion things to make – equipment needed, fuel, time off school…not forgetting a rocket to get you there. How to go to the loo when your millions of miles away from a toilet? Did I mention snacks? Never fear, Matilda has it all covered in this handy scientific journal of everything MOON WALK.

Will Matilda make it to the moon? You’ll have to read this amazing book to find out. The stars are waiting, let’s go!

This fantastic voyage of discovery by Dom Conlon is a fun and factual read about space travel told from the point of view of the intrepid explorer, Matilda. Heidi Cannon fills every page with her superb illustrations from rocket compartments to lunar modules in an accessible and entertaining way. Jam-packed with information, facts and figures and Matilda’s ‘how to reach for the stars’ can-do attitude, this is a must for every classroom, bookshelf and budding scientist!

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