Maggie Blue and The White Crow by Anna Goodall


There’s never a dull moment in Maggie Blue’s life. After her experiences in the Dark World, she much prefers the quiet life with her incredible cat, Hoagy, and all her friends.
But all is not what it seems when she has a feeling she is being watched. When a white crow constantly caws and follows her everywhere she goes, Maggie soon realises that perhaps her trip to the Dark World isn’t destined to remain a distant memory after all.
Maggie’s life is upended once more when her mum, Cynthia, is kidnapped and taken to the place she vowed never to return to. The Dark World is waiting for her and it’s up to Maggie to answer its call.
Her own existence and that of her mum, is now at stake. Can Maggie cross back into the darkness to save her mum? Why does the crow pester her so much? Trusting her gut and with the help of her friends, she dares to fight back knowing that she is running out of time if she, and those she loves, are to survive.
The second part of Anna Goodall’s Maggie’s trilogy is just as good as the first, if not better! Her characters leap off the page and encompass realistic angst and health & well-being turbulence that a lot of young people work through today. Sandra Dieckmann’s superb illustrations draw you in, fully capturing Maggie’s encounters with others and the worlds she travels to and from.


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