Lu Fraser interviews Nut the Viking!

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You all know we adore The Viking Who Liked Icing, from Lu Fraser and Mark McKinley, Nut is definitely one of our fav characters. So when Lu offered to pop by… chat with Nut AND bring cake. Well, of course we could NOT refuse…

My little Viking friend, Nut, has absolutely NO interest in swinging his sword, twanging his arrow or doing any of the things the other Vikings like to do but there is one thing he absolutely LOVES…baking cakes! I also love baking, so I thought I’d ask Nut for some cakey recommendations and see what his very favourite cakes are. Here’s what he said…

  • “I don’t like climbing hills or running up mountains, but I do like ROCK CAKES. They might not look as pretty as my other cakes, but Chief Olaf says they are very practical for Vikings (no drippy icing and no frilly wrappers). Plus, they don’t get stuck on his head or in his beard.”


  •  “Erikson was REALLY cross when I shot him in the bottom with an arrow, so I baked him some little chocolate sponge cakes to say ‘sorry!’ and decorated them with Viking helmets and axes (NOT arrows!). If you look on the last pages of our story, you’ll see that nice illustrator Mark McKinley has drawn Erikson holding a plate of them (I think Erikson might have forgiven me now!).”


  •  “My favourite cakes will always be the ones I bake for my sister, Leaf – she’s my biggest fan! She’s very busy doing Viking things all day but she’s discovered she can slide my little pink fairy cakes onto the end of her spear and carry them with her all day (a bit like a packed lunch!).”


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