Look and Say What You See At the Seaside by Sebastien Braun


Sebastien Braun’s LOOK AND SAY – WHAT YOU SEE AT THE SEASIDE is currently nestled in my suitcase alongside beach towels, sun cream and swimming costumes. My young children now really know their stuff about the seaside and the creatures and wildlife that live there, and are eager (read desperately overexcited!) to see and do the many things depicted in its bright, summery pages.

We visited many interesting spots such as cliff tops, a harbour and even the deep blue sea, where we found wonderful illustrations of sea animals and plant life. We especially lingered over the sand castle and rock pool pages, dreaming of the amazing palaces we’ll build and the strange creatures we want to find.

Little fingers were ever eager to point out the seek-and-find pictures at the bottom of each page. This clever feature delighted my children time and time again (yes, even when they already knew where everything is!), and they picked up so much knowledge and vocabulary simply by playing this game. (And, ahem, I might have learned a thing or two, too.)

Its interactive format makes it perfect for sharing and, with just the right amount of text to set the scene, each spread leaves plenty of room for questions to be aired and observations to be made.

A fantastic book to have in the run the run-up to a holiday or day out to the coast, and a lovely way to enrich a child’s experience of the seaside.

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