Little Lion Girl by Olivia Hope & Fiona Woodcock


This exciting new picture book has a winning combination of beautiful prose and gorgeous illustrations that make it a delight for both the ears and the eyes.

The story explores what a day out in the city looks like for a child who lives more rurally and, as village dwellers, I’ve often caught my own daughters staring at city people and city sights with the same wide-eyed wonder as the book’s main character – Leonie.


With her mane of blonde curls and her fluffy yellow cardigan, Leonie is adorably leonine, and has a brave and bold personality to match.

A fearless adventurer, Leonie bounds through this busy, bustling environment, quickly making the unfamiliar territory her own. I mean..just look at this ROARSOME double-page spread!

But it soon turns out that Leonie is sometimes a bit TOO adventurous and, when her prowling leads her into a sticky situation, that fearsome roar quietens to a frightened squeak.

But, as the book reassures us, no one is really alone when their loved ones are nearby – no matter how carried away they might get. In this case, it’s Leonie’s Mum who has been looking out for Leonie the whole time, guiding her in this new world while still giving her room to explore.

It’s a  reassuring message for  little readers. Especially when it ends with a great big cuddle.

Illustrator Fiona Woodcock has cleverly turned the cityscape into a bright Savannah of warm earthy colours, and Olivia Hope’s lively word choices beautifully conjure a concrete jungle that’s just right for Little Lion Girl’s wild adventure!

Available to pre-order now!


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