Landfall by Suzie Wilde

Freedom. Fairness. Family.

Three powerful things that centre around Bera’s life and how she sees her place in this sometimes dangerous world she calls home. The strong need to be the woman she wants to be and life the life she wants to live are quickly overshadowed by her Valla duty when she discovers that Vikings have taken her kin as slaves on Wolf Island.

Waves crash against her beloved longboat as she makes the ultimate journey to rescue her family. However, Chaos is coming and she must use her age-old skills and iron lore if she has any chance of success in these uncharted waters. She has heard many macabre stories of Wolf Island from night time tales around the fire to whispered worries between the others as they set sail into the unforgiving haar. It’s a merciless land that has forgotten the ways of the gods. Its unrelenting darkness surrounds her as she seeks a path through a meandering, soulless labyrinth that distorts time. Enemies of the past and the future follow her every movement and the resulting battle of wits leaves her bereft, in more ways than one.
Dare you follow Bera as she steps onto the festered shores of Wolf Island and into the unknown? Will she ever taste the freedom of the sea again? Will her kin survive?
Suzie Wilde has excelled with this gripping conclusion to her ‘Book of Bera’ trilogy. The attention to detail and seamless storytelling from the first in the series (Sea Paths) on to the second (Obsidian) and then a carefully constructed crescendo of immense power and love within the pages of the final installment, Landfall. A fantastic ending to an epic tale, never to be forgotten. I admire the way Suzie has captured the emotional turmoil of Bera and all who know her but also the stoic and brave way she faces her fears time and time again. A true heroine.

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