Know it Owl by Emma Perry & Andrea Stegmaier

Know it OwlA most endearing owl.

Know it Owl, from Emma Perry and Andrea Stegmaier, is an endearing story about a well-meaning owl who can’t help but put his two hoots in when it comes to building a den. Written in first person to capture a child-like voice, owl is both enthusiastic and insistent.

Set in the woods, the illustrations have a lovely Wind-In-The-Willows-like warmth to them, with the bright light of morning eventually giving way to dusk. The den is spectacular – little readers won’t be able to resist yanking the duvet off and immediately constructing their own hideaway.

All in all, a great message for preschoolers about learning how not to be a know-it-owl when it comes to playing with others. With thanks to Storyhouse Publishing for my review copy.



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