The gorgeous illustrations in Kip just leap off the page. It’s clear to see why Christina Booth’s picture book received an Honours award from the CBCA.

We follow Kip as he hatches from his egg, grows up – then discovers his crow. The story traces how Kip’s crow leads to complaints from neighbours. After each one he makes an effort to crow at a different time of the day, yet each time it results in another complaint.

I like the way it shows little insights in to what people are up to at different times of the day! When the very patient Kip is given to the farmer, the neighbours decide that it is too quiet and so Kip returns and all is forgiven.

This is a straightforwarKipd, simple, amusing tale with the repetition of the crow and the neighbours complaints making it suitable and enjoyable for younger readers.

Christina Booth’s illustrations feature a silhouette of the town along the bottom of each double page, each is interspersed with a wonderful, colourful display of kip crowing – a page the younger readers will quickly recognise and join in with the sound!


Christina Booth
Christina Booth
Windy Hollow

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