King of the Swamp by Catherine Emmett & Ben Mantle


McDarkly lives in a swamp he adores. He fills it with love and orchids of all sizes. He knows how it works – patience and care, in time he’ll be rewarded with a glorious sight.

But. The King doesn’t agree. All he can see is a mess, and he wants it gone – a skate park is surely much better?!

Poor McDarkly is given just ten days to prove the swamp’s worth to the king… or it’ll be concreted over.

Catherine Emmett’s glorious, fautless rhyme will take you on the journey with the adorable McDarkly as his sings to his orchids in the hope that they’ll grow and his swamp will be safe.


Disaster strikes.

Every gardener knows little critters can be… pests. Can’t they?

Well, it is quite tricky to choose a favourite spread here but Ben Mantle’s ‘reveal’ (am trying SUPER hard not to include spoilers here) is gasp worthy. It’s just magnificent.

King of the Swamp is a cracking new book from a fabulous duo, featuring a loveable character, and sneakily sneaks in an environmental angle in simply the best way.

How did King of the Swamp come to be? Read all about Catherine Emmett’s Journey to Publication over here. 




Catherine Emmett
Ben Mantle
Simon & Schuster

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