Kemosha Of The Caribbean By Alex Wheatle


Kemosha Of The Caribbean is a first person narrative about a young girl born into slavery who is sold to an evil tavern owner, then escapes and tries to find her way back to save her family.

This is an adventure like no other, where a young Jamaican girl has all the stakes stacked against her but refuses to give up. It’s about how evil the world can be, and how so many people accept it as their fate, but it’s also about the good people you meet on the way, the ones who have lost their way but just need someone to bring them back.

Kemosha is strong willed, and stubborn but with immense empathy for those suffering like her. She faces every obstacle possible for a young girl in those times, some of it uncomfortable to read, but she is a fighter, and it is her determination and fight that not only gets her through but inspires those around her who have given up.

Kemosha Of The Caribbean is a fast-paced tale of adventure, escape, losing your way, but ultimately fighting your way back.

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Alex Wheatle
Andersen Press

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