Katrina Germein

Katrina GermeinMy Book Corner is very proud to be interviewing Australian children’s author Katrina Germein.

Her stories have won Notable Book Commendations from the Children’s Book Council of Australia and her book Big Rain Coming has been published around the world, remaining in print over a decade after its release. My Dad Thinks He’s Funny instantly proved so popular that it was reprinted within a month of its launch.

Katrina lives with her husband, their three children and an old dog named Sunny. Sunshine makes Katrina happy and one day she hopes to live by the sea.

What makes you happy?

In no particular order: Writing. My friends. Sunshine. Beaches. My kids. My dog. Good books. Cups of tea. My husband. Summer. My family.

What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?

I present to children in schools of all different ages and question time with the little ones is always a hoot. Last month a five year old put up her hand at question time and said, “I’m a little bit sweaty.” I suggested she take off her jumper.

Tell us about your next project in 25 words or less.

I’m writing about my friend’s dog that does tricks. I’ve been telling school children about him and their reaction’s convinced me to write a story.

Just for fun

Tea or coffee? Tea

Paper books or e-books? Paper

Vegemite or Marmite? Vegemite

Write or type? Type

Poetry or prose? Poetry

Beach or bush? Beach

Hot or cold? Hot

My Dad Thinks He's Funny

My Dad Thinks He’s Funny

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