I’ve Always Wanted One by Olivier Tallec


Super clever, super cute – that sums up I Always Wanted One from Olivier Tallec quite nicely!

You see, there’s lots of fabulous stories about humans and their perspective on having a pet. But. What about the other way round?

“I always wanted one.

So, that morning when I saw him there

I could not believe my eyes!”

And so the dog… gets a little boy for Christmas. Dog cares deeply about the boy, wants to make sure he is warm and comfortable. Although Dog is a little confused that he doesn’t like dry food!

The narrative is warm and caring, and flows beautifully. Interestingly, the text isn’t integrated with the illustrations, instead it sits by itself on a blank page allowing the eye to roam to the illustrations after. There’s much to enjoy here.

I Always Wanted One is utterly adorable.



Olivier Tallec
Olivier Tallec

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