It’s Bedtime, William!

It's Bedtime, William!It’s Bedtime, William! is the picture book is for all those who need to laugh at the parenting situations we find ourselves in.

To be honest when I first picked this one up, it was with reluctance. Was this going to be another rehash of the ‘now, now go to bed’ type story? Definitely not!

I like this one – it has style and a story with strong pace and development.

After trying, and failing, to use every excuse under the sun (this is dealt with succinctly via various speech bubbles on one page), William succumbs and goes upstairs ….. to discover a lion in his bed. This is announced to the reader with no words. I like that. Just one beautifully drawn double page spread of the lion snoring in William’s bed.

Next we follow the exasperation of William as he tries desperately to get the lion to go to bed. The lion of course tries every excuse possible, and the tables are quite neatly turned. See, I said you’d like this one!

Deborah Niland’s It’s Bedtime, William! is an entertaining story for children, and definitely an amusing one for adults!!


Deborah Niland
Deborah Niland

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