Interview With a Tiger & Other Clawed Beasts Too by Andy Seed & Nick East


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What a gloriously fun concept, brilliantly executed by Andy Seed and Nick East. What would a Bengal Tiger… or a Polar Bear… or Giant Anteater… or even a Tree-toed Sloth say if you managed to interview them?

Super lucky that just a few years ago, author Andy Seed accidentally managed to invent a machine that translated animal sounds into words. What luck! And now… he brings us this glorious information about these glorious animals, ten of them infact, all wonderfully illustrated by the talented Nick East. Come and dive in…


What I adore about this are the snippets of humour, super juicy facts and entertaining illustrations throughout the book. The questions are presented in an informal, conversational tone – and that really does seem to bring out the best in each animal. Top interviewing skills, Andy!

A enticing, engaging and super interesting factual book. Loved it!


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