Incredible Jobs You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of by Natalie Labarre


New year = new job, right?

Itchy feet?

Looking for a new direction? Looking to inspire the kids?

Incredible Jobs You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of by Natalie Labarre is the perfect tome for you.

What a brilliant premise for a book – wish this had been around for my careers teacher back in the day. We all took a very long and detailed questionnaire which then calculated our ‘ideal jobs’… we ALL came out with either Prison Officer, Librarian or Cabin Crew. Seemingly, the variety of options was, urm, limited to those three options. Which is just one of the reason why I found Natalie Labarre’s book so exciting. Just look at all the choices…


A dinosaur duster, a trend spotter,  a submarine chef or a nautical cowboy. Which would you choose?

Labarre’s organised each page by talent and interests – are you quite emotional? Try out a Professional Apologiser role. Looking for a thrill? Go for a Smoke Jumper. Fancy something mysterious, or noisy, or fabulous, or… this is just the book for you!


Incredible Jobs You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of is so much fun. Wonderful to dip in and out of, it’s a great one to stimulate lots of discussion, to fire up that ambition and enthusiasm. I’m quite tempted by the Professional Sleeper role myself, I think I’d be quite good at that one!

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