In Darkness

In Darkness** Congratulations to Nick Lake for winning the 2103 Printz Medal for In Darkness **

An expertly crafted novel interweaving two narratives which in the confusion of the darkness become blurred and inextricably linked.

In Darkness is narrated by a teenager named Shorty in the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He is trapped, has a bullet in his arm, and is in a hospital which has crumbled around him.

Trapped in the darkness Shorty re tells his story, his life as a teenager in the slums of Site Soley as he gets deeper and deeper in to the world of the gangsters following the murder of his father and the disappearance of his twin sister. As he expresses regret for the things he has down, his story draws parallels with the second narrative of Toussaint.  An inspirational figure from Haiti’s history, Toussaint stood up for his people in the fight for freedom and equality, emerging as an inspirational leader. It is that fight for equality, the hope, that links their soul, their spirit during this novel.

Nick Lake effectively portrays an environment many of his readers will have no experience of, let alone knowledge. His writing is compelling, capturing powerful moments with intensity when conveying both the brutality and hope of historical and modern day Haiti.

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Nick Lake

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