Ice Cream Boy by Lindsay Littleson

12 year-old Luca Verani knows exactly how his life is going to pan out. He doesn’t need to sit exams or do homework, he’s going to run his families ice cream cafè like his dad and grandad before him.

When he hears rumours of the cafè closing down, he must do everything he can to stop that happening. Entering the local schools cooking competition with his family’s secret ice cream recipe is his only chance to get footfall back through the doors and see it thriving once again.

His Nonna has dementia and is becoming more and more forgetful and anxious with each passing day. With his mum working all hours and his estranged dad somewhere in Italy, it seems like Luca’s world is turning upside down.

Can Luca save the cafè, get the right care for his Nonna and see his dad again?

Lindsay Littleson’s latest children’s novel ‘Ice Cream Boy ‘ is a fantastic story from the teen years that cover the shift from primary to secondary amid heart-breaking family concerns. Set in Glasgow, it’s a realistic and thought-provoking story of living with those with dementia and the care, understanding and empathy that’s required from everyone around them, with a sensitive approach from a teenager’s POV. With beautiful and bright illustrations by Cathrin Peterslund, this is must-read for all.


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