I Love My Mum

I Love My Mum - Anna WalkerAnna Walker’s I Love Easter featured highly in our Best Easter Books so when searching for Mother’s Day delights My Book Corner returned to this author and were not disappointed.

I Love My Mum features Ollie, the loveable Zebra, who talks us through a typical day – filled with love, warmth and humour with out tipping over in to too much schmaltz. Anna Walker gets the balance just right.

Short sentences on each page accompanied by gorgeous illustrations capture character, fun and harmony.

“We look

and talk,

we giggle

and walk.”

I like the fact this book takes delight in the little, everyday things – bedtime, bath time, cups of tea – there’s no pressure to be ‘super mum’ emanating from this little book. It’s simply delightful.

I Love My Mum by Anna Walker is a featured titled on our list of the Best Mother’s Day Books.


Anna Walker
Anna Walker

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