I Don’t Want to be Small by Laura Ellen Anderson


This is surely every young child’s biggest frustration – just wanting to be MUCH bigger! And Laura Ellen Anderson explores this topic with ease, fun and multi-cultural inclusiveness.

The message here is clear: be happy with who you are in the world, but you can still try and strive to reach higher too. And the little girl in this wonderful, rhythmic picture book does both of those things. She tries out various hilarious ways to become taller – none of which work – until she discovers a clever and heart-warming solution to her problem involving making friends.

I Don’t Want to be Small is a chirpy, cheerful, message-driven little picture book that’s good for educational purposes and a bit of fun. Loved it!

Our fabulous Anthony Burt will be hosting the Childrens’ Imagination Lab at  the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2019.  Each Tuesday over the summer, he’ll be highlighting a great book whose author/illustrator will be appearing at the festival. How exciting is that? Sign up to ensure you don’t miss out!  You’ve already missed: Rebel Cats, Tooth Fairy in Training  Trapdoor MysteriesThe Pawed PiperThe Red Dread, The Perfect Sofa. Oops!


Laura Ellen Anderson
Laura Ellen Anderson

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