I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast by Michael Holland & Philip Giordano


You see, this book had me at the title – I Ate Sunshine For Breakfast – how can that NOT fail to make you smile?

This latest non fiction tome from quality publishers Flying Eye is quite something – eye catching, entertaining and eye opening.

“This book will help you to become more acquainted with your leafy neighbours, from how they grow, to fossilisation and everything in-between.”

Holland takes an all encompassing approach in this book.  We learn how plants grow, how they have evolved and the different plant groups, but then Holland takes it further. This is not your average plant book! Holland shows us how plants have not only inspired music, but have been used to create instruments and even… their crucial role in so many sports.


To top it off there is a delightfully eclectic mix of DIY activities to try, again Holland has gone for new and varied content here – try mapping living landmarks, powering up potatoes and creating an upcycled garden.


Philip Giordana’s illustrations are simply gorgeous – vibrant and joyful. I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast comes highly recommended from MyBookCorner.

Read our interview with author Michael Holland, here. 

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