Hilda And The Stone Forest

Hilda And The Stone Forest - Luke PearsonIf you haven’t come across Luke Pearson’s award-winning Hildafolk series where have you been? Seriously, you are in for a treat if you are just discovering this now.

Blue-haired Hilda is an adventurous type, living in a magical kingdom gives her plenty of opportunities to explore that side of her personality.

The previous (four) books have seen her encounter trolls, Nisse (mischievous bunch of misfits), and giants. Hilda And The Stone Forest is the fifth in series, and that ending has left us desperate for number six!

Hilda and her mum are at odds. Hilda wants to escape, mum wants her around more… and then they both get dragged into a strange forest. To get back they need to work together – can they do that?

There’s great development of Hilda’s character in this latest instalment, and the action, as ever, is delightfully fast paced with plenty of twists and turns as Hilda and her mother battle … and each other! Pearson’s ability to capture a character in such minute helps to create energy and pace Hilda and The Stone Forest. Full of adventure, character and wit – My Book Corner highly recommends this series.

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Luke Pearson
Luke Pearson
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