Happy Thoughts Are Everywhere…

Happy Thoughts by Nicky JohnstonNicky Johnston’s passion for what she does comes across from each and every page in this book. Nicky understands how debilitating anxiety and worrying can be for children – and here she has converted her understanding in to helping children to overcome their anxiety.

Happythoughts are Everywhere … provides the young reader with practical strategies to be used to overcome worry through witnessing Bayden’s actions. This is cleverly achieved through the protagonist Bayden and a carefully constructed story line.

“All this worrying drained Bayden’s energy and made it hard for him to smile.”

Bayden, at the suggestion of mum, wants to swap his worry thoughts for happy ones .. so he goes off looking for them. Subsequent pages follow Bayden as he searches in many areas, along the way he gets side tracked by Christmas decorations, family photos and his favourite teddy – all the things that contain happy thoughts.

” ‘I just love Christmas!’ laughed Bayden

‘It’s my favourite time of year!’ “

The ending of the book is so clear for younger readers. It is up lifting, positive and shifts the power back to the young worrier – essential.

“All he needed to do was stop and think of the things that made him smile and laugh.”

Nicky concludes her book with four practical methods, aimed at the young reader, to help them find their own happy thoughts.

This book works perfectly with Go Away, Mr Worrythoughts &  Actually, I Can


Nicky Johnston
Nicky Johnston
Nicky's Art Publishing

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