Half Bad

Half Bad - Sally Green

There’s an overwhelming uniqueness to Sally Green’s writing that sets her apart.

Her protagonist Nathan is one of the siblings in a family of white witches. With the exception of his eldest sister Jessica, there’s a closeness amongst his family and an overwhelming desire to protect Nathan. Nathan’s father wasn’t a white witch, but a notorious black witch. This makes many uneasy. Not least the Council who are closing the net, changing the rules & bringing Nathan under tighter and tighter control.

They are scared. They are unsure. They show little mercy.

Nathan is approaching his 17th birthday – a pivotal moment in life of witches. The opening chapters show Nathan confined to a cage, treated brutally and torn from his family. The council are scared.

As the characters emerge, Green’s narrative blurs the so called division between right and wrong as she challenges our perceptions of each character. In this novel Green demands that the reader thinks, and reflects.

A fabulously crafted voice creating a unique narrative. Witches, like you’ve never read about them before. This tome hums along at a steady pace; many angles, many perspectives & an intriguing protagonist.

Come on part two! *drums fingers impatiently on desk*

Oh. It’s also been sold in 27 different languages & Karen Rosenfelt (The Book Thief) will be producing the film version. A lot of hype yes, but don’t let that put you off.


Book 2: Half Wild by Sally Green

Book 3: Half Lost by Sally Green


Sally Green

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