Grim Falls Academy by Louise Forshaw

I’m delighted to be sharing a review of the brilliant Grim Falls Academy series today as part of the blog Written and illustrated by the talented Louise Forshaw, this supernatural trio of books, set in a school for monsters, is sure to delight young readers with its brilliant cast of ghoulish characters – werewolf Seb,  vampire Victor and Tabby – the only human pupil in the whole academy (although, there’s more than meets the eye there too.)

With themes of friendship and mastering emotions threaded through each tale, the three stories are packed with mystery and escalating mayhem – especially when the titles themselves positively invite trouble! Telling this trio of friends NOT to do something is precisely what they will do – even if brings about monstrous consequences!

With its charming (and charmed!) details, and the fun black and white illustrations that bring the story to life, this series is perfect as both a read aloud or a read alone for newly confident readers. And its green, orange and purple palette make it just right in the lead up to Halloween.

Don’t Eat The Soup!

Life at monster school is never boring and werewolf Seb and his best friend Victor, a rather nervous veggie Vampire, don’t even make it to lunchtime before chaos erupts in the school canteen.  Their already monstrous teachers have started sprouting slimy tentacles…and an insatiable appetite for children.

Luckily for Seb, his wolfish super speed stops him from becoming lunch, but with school bully Khamun, a mummy and a self-proclaimed prince, adding to his troubles, Seb and his friend will have to solve the mystery soon, because if the school inspector finds out what’s been going on at Grim Falls Academy, they’ll all be in the soup! (Ahem…sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Does this have anything to do with Tabby? The scary human student who seems to be hiding a big secret? Or is she more friend than foe despite being different?

Book 1 in the series has an entertaining, at-a-glance fact file to fill you in on all the brilliant characters!


Don’t Feed The Glob!

Oh dear! This book is where we discover Crispy Coffin bars and blobs of Glob Spawn do NOT mix! That tiny slime ball Seb was supposed to looking after has now grown into epic proportions and is kidnapping teachers and pupils alike, holding them captive in gloopy cocoons! Even the skeletal Professor Sternum is in suspended animation, still wearing his fluffy bunny slippers.

And what is going on with Tabby? Why is she going all blobby? Does this have something to do with the strange magical things that keep happening to her?

With its gripping chapter endings and an epic water fight, this second book makes us look at bad behaviour in a new light!


Don’t Open The Box!

From the beginning of the series, Seb has been careful to keep his wild side under control by holding back his anger,  but mummy Khamun’s latest bullying stunt makes him wolf out completely, scaring Khamun and himself.

So when a tricksy fairytale-like creature called Snotface grants Seb a wish, it comes as no surprise that he wishes his anger away. But now Seb’s opened a whole other can of worms – or rather, a mysterious box that’s about to bring about a whole lot of trouble!

While book three nicely wraps up the series, there is a little teaser that makes me think there may be more monstrous mayhem to come. I certainly hope so! And I’m sure young readers will too!






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