Granny Grommet and Me


Granny Grommet and Me is a picture book which tackles the worries of little swimmers, whilst embracing the comforting nature of the grandparent relationship – all in just one book.

Meet granny and her grommet friends – quite a natty little group who have a great regular little meet up at the beach. They slip on their wetsuits, slop on some sunblock … before hitting the waves!

‘Doris ducks and dives.

Zelda zooms through a dumper.’

Our little friend is not feeling so confident. The sea looks inviting, and the grommets sure are having fun … but what ‘strange things’ lurk under the sea?

Little by little, and with some gentle encouragement, she begins to discover the fun to be had in the sea. A little bit of paddling, a little bit of splashing and a tentative look in the sheltered rock pool … before being incredibly brave and venturing a little bit further, under the careful guidance of Granny.

Wolfer shows the granny / granddaughter relationship in a touching manner. I love how she carefully sidesteps stereotypical notions of what a granny is supposed to be like. This one is caring, thoughtful and with her own set of interests and friends.

Karen Blair’s illustrations add so much to the story. I adored each granny’s matching swimming costume, bag, flippers and snorkel mask – a stylish bunch of ladies for sure! The final page is my personal favourite due to its ability to encapsulate the love and trust between granny and her grand-daughter so perfectly.


Dianne Wolfer
Karen Blair
Walker Books

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