Goodnight Veggies by Diana Murray & Zachariah OHora

Goodnight Veggies is a wonderful way of introducing a wide variety of vegetables and how they grow, to younger picture book readers!

The story is set in a rooftop community garden where the ‘tossing, turning veggies need to get some rest.’ The story follows a sleepy worm throughout the book as he says goodnight to all of the worn-out vegetables. But what has actually made them so exhausted?

Adults will enjoy Diana Murray’s clever word play and the rhythmic lilting text suits the story perfectly.

Zachariah OHora’s illustrations are bright and bold, and full of so many details to spot. The vegetables are full of character! I really liked how the story zoomed out at the end, and not only are the vegetables all fast asleep, everyone else is too.

Goodnight Veggies is a sweet story and perfect for bedtime!



Diana Murray
Zachariah OHora
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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